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Summer Closure
RX7 ECU's, both DTI install and self install, will NOT be processed between July 8th and July 15th. If your ECU is received after July 5th, it will not be processed until after July 17th. Please plan your ECU shipment to us accordingly. All other non-Rtek orders will be processed normally during this time.

DSM Errors

PocketLOGGER for DSMs can read 16 different error codes. The basic meaning of the error is displayed on the PDA screen. We do not provide support for tracking down what caused the error to be tripped. You can post your question in our user forum.

Clearing Errors:

Pressing the "Clear Error" button in PocketLOGGER will clear the errors and turn off the Check Engine light, as long as the condition that caused the error no longer exists.

Stored errors don't go away when "Clear Errors" is pressed:

1990 ECUs do not support clearing the errors in this manner. You must remove power to the ECU for 10 seconds to clear the errors.

PocketLOGGER shows a lot of errors stored, but my Check Engine light isn't on:

You must have the ignition on in order to read error codes. There is no error correction in the DSM protocol and the PocketLOGGER is picking up noise that it thinks are stored error codes. Make sure the ignition is on, the cable is powered and restart the software.


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Customer review:
PocketLOGGER for DSM:
Dollar for dollar, you can't really beat them. They help you go faster, and help you do it safer. So, you'll save ... more
-Dan L, PA
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